Shield and Guard Rules

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Shield and Guard Rules

Post by Doug on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:24 am

What are Shields?

Shields are a temporary period of safety from enemy attacks. While under the protection of the shield, other players will not be able to attack your village. At the start of the game, each player begins with a 3-day shield; after that shield expires additional shields are gained in one of two ways:
Automatically after being the victim of a successful Raid (30% and above).

Purchased with Gems.

2 hour Village Guard
The best in offense and defense. Guard prevents attacks on your village while letting you attack others all you want. Only available while shield is down.

1-7 day shield
Long lasting defense! Shields prevent attacks on your village, but remaining shield time will go down if you attack. If you buy more than one shield, their durations are added up.
If you decide to attack another player in Multiplayer battles, some shield time will be deducted. Nexting does not affect the shield time, however the more attacks you conduct under the same shield will deduct increasing amounts of shield time, conducted attacks will deduct shield time starting from 3 hours then to 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hours.
A similar principle will be applied in "Revenge" attacks; after starting the revenge attack, the shield time will be deducted accordingly, regardless of whether any troops or spells were deployed.
Attacking in the Single Player Campaign or Clan Wars will not remove your shield.

Automatic Shields

Shields are awarded under two criteria: at least 30% destruction must be done (the destruction of the Town Hall is irrelevant) and at least one-third of the attacker's troops are deployed. If either one of these criteria are not met, a shield will not be granted.
Depending on the percentage of the village destroyed, the shield time varies.

At 30% destruction, a 12 hour shield is awarded.
At 60% destruction, a 14 hour shield is awarded.
At 90% destruction, a 16 hour shield is awarded.

You get a free shield courtesy of Supercell, during and after a maintenance break, for a short period of time.
Note that you do not necessarily have to lose a battle to gain a shield; if your opponent destroys between 30% and 49% of your village without destroying your Town Hall, you will gain a shield as well as a defensive victory.
When you start playing the game you get a free 3-day shield, which you should use to get started.
Your 3-day shield is a good time to upgrade your Buildings.
Buying Shields

If you choose, there is an option to buy shields from the shop for Gems. There are 4 options to choose from. The available options are visually depicted at the top of this page.
Purchased shields have a cooldown period. This was added to keep people from staying shielded indefinitely by continuously buying shields.

The 2-hour shield has a 23-hour cooldown.

The 1-day shield has a 5-day cooldown.

The 2-day shield has a 10-day cooldown.

The 1-week shield has a 35-day cooldown.

If you purchase a shield while you have one currently active, the purchased shield time is added to your current shield time.

If you purchase all three shields simultaneously, you will be able to re-purchase a second 2-day shield and two additional 1-day shields before the end of your shielded period, as the cooldown period on the shorter shields will have expired. This way, the maximum continuously shielded period available via purchase is 14 days ([day 1] 1+2+7 + [day 6] 1 + [day 11] 1+2). This 14-day shielded period can be purchased every 35 days (the time it takes for the 7-day shield cooldown to reset). Note that if you execute this during a 16-hour shield received from a 90%+ attack or a 12-hour shield received from a 40%+ attack, you can actually increase your total shielded time to a maximum of 14 days, 16 hours, or 14 days, 12 hours, respectively. Also, if you do this during the three-day shield you get when you start the game, you can have a maximum of 17 days on your shield, which, again, can be executed thirty-five days from your purchase of the one-week shield, or eighteen days after the cycle is complete, but it will only last for 14 days (and maybe an additional 12/16 hours).

Continually buying each shield as soon as its cooldown has expired will result in an average of 21 shielded days every 35-day period (60%), although this will vary from period to period (22 the first, 20 the second, 22 the third, etc.) because the 2-day shield's cooldown will only line up with the 7-day shield's cooldown every other period.

If two additional shields of any duration are ever added (with standard cooldown times), it will be possible to stay shielded indefinitely.

You cannot buy 1-week shields above 4700 trophies (i.e. in Titan I and Legend League).
Shield Cooldown Time

Every purchased shield has a cooldown time; the longer the shield lasts, the longer the cooldown period.
The cooldown period is calculated by multiplying the number of shield days by 5. For example, the 1-day shield has a 5-day cooldown, the 2-day shield has a 10-day cooldown, and the one-week shield has a 35-day cooldown.

Village Guard

A Village Guard is an extension of a Shield (either bought from Shop or given by an opponent) and players can attack through it without any time penalty (unlike with shields).
Village guard is considered the same as if a player was online meaning opponents can't attack you during your guard but also the time still counts twards personal break unlike a shield.
A village guard is given after a player's shield exceeds its limit and works as a small extension. It's duration varies depending on a player's league.

Bronze III - Master I = 30 minute Guard
Champion III - I = 1 hour Guard
Titan III = 2 hour Guard
Titan II = 3 hour Guard
Titan I - Legend = 4 hour Guard

A 2-hour village guard can be bought in shop with 10 gems and cooldown of one day but cancels any form of shield and extends the time between the personal break for 2 more hours without resetting it.

Personal Break Timer (PBT):

PBT is 4 hours: forced offline for 6 minutes after 4 hours cumulative online time without shield
PBT resets when gaining shield, or in other reset cases below
Buying 2-hour Village Guard from shop extends current PBT by 2 hours
PBT paused during server maintenance, but not reset

PBT reset cases:

After defense with shield: Full PBT reset
After a defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: PBT extended (+15 minutes to PBT, +15 minutes Village Guard)
After 2nd consecutive defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: PBT extended (+15 minutes to PBT, +15 minutes Village Guard)
After 3rd consecutive defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: Full PBT reset + Free Village Guard based on League
After 15 minutes consecutive offline time without defense: Full PBT reset (no Village Guard given)

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