December 13, 2015

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December 13, 2015

Post by Doug on Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:48 am

The new update has been out for a couple days now and the biggest impact has been on farming.

1. The new shield system is good, Having to defend your town hall and not getting a shield from it's destruction I get that. The new personal break system down to 3 hours and the complicated way to get out of it, is a little much. Most of us like to play for more time than that. 4 hours may have been a better choice and leaving the boosting of barracks at 2 hours for 10 gem would have been a better choice.

2. The new matching system is where this update goes to hell. Even after a near max town hall 11 drops to Gold 1, finding a dead base is near impossible. They have it setup so most if not all bases have near equal defenses as you, so you have to spend more on troops and spells. Which mean you are not making as big a profit as before. Making getting the loot to do upgrades take more time.. "Killing Farming". But raiding at this level does have its benefits. Most of the attacks on me down in gold and crystal for me, the attackers can not win. saving my loot from being taken.

3. The new defenses and the hero.. I'm liking all of those.. But the new hero should have been given to town hall 10 as well. Town hall 9 should have been able to take the freeze to level 2. Another thing lower the cost and amount of space that Valkyries takes up in the camps. they would get used more.

If you have any thoughts please let me and our clan mates know.If you would like to write for this forum let me know.

Rock on my friends..Kick ass..

Rock On My Friends
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